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Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts

Oscar Wilde, Gretta Berghammer, Rod Caspers

ISBN: 9780871291424

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Acting Edition

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Broken Hearts is a stage adaptation of three of Oscar Wilde's most poignant and timeless fairy tales. While all three stories possess a magical beauty, they also contain biting social satire and commentary about the wrongs of nineteenth century society Wilde hoped to expose. The lessons they teach are just as important to us today. In The Birthday of the Infanta, a princess' cruel inhumanity breaks the heart of a crippled "Fantastic" brought to entertain her; The Devoted Friend reveals some of the unkinder uses of friendship; and The Happy Prince discovers new-found joy and hope as he relieves poverty and despair around him. By the play's end, the audience is left to question the choices the characters make and to ponder where the justice and reward is in the sacrifices they make throughout the play.


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Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900) was born in Dublin to Sir William Wilde and his wife Jane. While studying at Oxford, he was fascinated by the aesthetic movement and eventually became a proponent for L'art pour l'art ("Art for Art's Sake"), and wrote the award-winning poem Ravenna. After he graduated in 1879, he moved to Chelsea in London to establish a literary career. Upon graduating in 1879, he moved ... view full profile

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