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Two Horns And A Tale - Short Play, Comedy

Two Horns And A Tale

Mary W. Schaller

Short Play, Comedy

ISBN: 9781583421529

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Short Play


Will O'Wisp, a junior devil, is the only nephew of the Great Belladonna, a powerful senior devil in Hell, Inc. Will is sent up to Earth as a Tempter, despite his singular lack of talent in this field. To prevent him from ruining anything too important, he is sent to the nearly-off-the-map town of Bloomingsburg, Kansas. While trying to disguise himself, he drinks some of Belladonna's magic potion and only succeeds in materializing himself in his demonic shape. Undaunted, he goes to the town square where Michelle, a blind girl, refuses to believe that Will O'Wisp is really a devil. To prove his claim, he gives Michelle her sight, thus performing a Good Deed. At this crucial moment, the clock strikes six,a signal that Will's time on Earth is up. He returns to Hell, only to find that he will be exiled forever. The Great Belladonna sends a messenger to say that Will can return to Hell if he takes back Michelle's sight, and Will is forced to make a decision that will affect his eternal existence. Multiple simple sets.


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