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Implausible Claus, An - Short Play, Comedy

Implausible Claus, An

Nikki Harmon

Short Play, Comedy

1m, 1girl(s)

ISBN: 9780871291394

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Short Play


The Ho-Ho Hotline is being answered by residents at a retirement home so that children can talk to Santa or Mrs. Claus. Meanwhile, Jensie, with her home computer, hacks into the phone company's data banks to find the address of the Ho-Ho Hotline and comes looking for Santa Claus. What she finds is Aaron Lefkowitz. "According to the phone company this is the North Pole and you're Santa Claus," insists Jensie. "All right, you win. I'm Santa Lefkowitz," snaps the old man. "I don't believe you. Santa's not Jewish." Lefkowitz retorts, "Who else would work on Christmas?" In the short time this unusual twosome spends together, an old man's lost imagination is rekindled and a unique humor bridges an 80-year gap. Learn old vaudeville routines with Jensie and fly to Paris for a horse race before lunch. But most of all, laugh and cry and live with a very special pair who find each other at a very special season of the year. One ext. set. Approximate running time: 30 minutes.


1m, 1girl(s)

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