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Coffee With God - Short Play, Drama

Coffee With God

Kal Wagenheim

Short Play, Drama

3m, 1f

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Licensing Rights for this title are not available through Samuel French.


Short Play


A man is enjoying coffee and a bagel at his favorite New Jersey diner when God, carrying a laptop computer, enters, sits next to him and seems to know all about him. Their conversation ranges from the playful—finding parking spaces in Manhattan—to the heartbreaking—the loss, all too soon, of a loved one. The man questions God, who expresses sorrow over the death of the man's mother at a very early age but explains that the world is too big and complex for even God to protect everyone from tragedy. There are moments of comedy (when God praises the inventor of Immodium and refuses to take credit for it) and haunting beauty (when the man's dead parents appear, at God's behest, for a final glimpse, and dance a lovely tango). The man, deeply touched by God's gesture, hugs God, a lonely being who has never been hugged and is equally moved by that gesture. One critic has described the play as "the story of a man who finally comes to a turning point in his life. A time when all the pain and confusion is to be released."


3m, 1f

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