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Through The Glass Looking - Short Play, Drama

Through The Glass Looking

Kathryn Petersen

Short Play, Drama

1m, 2f

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Short Play


Alexandra Hawley is adopted. As her twelfth birthday approaches, she wrestles with questions about why her mother gave her up, who she is and how she fits into the world around her. Although Alex is obsessed with baseball, she is afraid to play. So she stays on the sidelines and keeps score at her brother's baseball games. Back at home, she tells Billy exactly what he is doing wrong on the field. Her mother sees how this hurts Billy and tells Alex that she can't attend his games anymore. Furious, Alex shouts that her real mother wouldn't treat her this way. Mrs. Hawley leaves Alex alone in her bedroom to calm down, and Alex hurls her scorebook against her bedroom mirror and cries herself to sleep. In a dream, Alex sits up and notices that her reflection in the mirror doesn't look anything like her. The reflection picks up Alex's scorebook and starts walking away with it. Alex goes through the mirror to retrieve her scorebook and enters the territory of Emitsap, which she discovers to be a shut-down baseball diamond. In this land beyond the mirror, she meets a gypsy queen, a mute fiddler, and the old rulers of Emitsap who are tyrannized by a terrifying Judge. Alex steps up to the plate and faces the Judge. She confronts the fears that keep her from truly being herself, frees the land of Emitsap and finds her way home. Premiered at The People's Light & Theatre Company.Unit set. Approximate running time: 45 minutes.
"It's an adventure framed by family dialogue that feels realistic enough to have kids laughing in recognition at the children's bickering, but also appreciating Alex's reconciliation with her adoptive mother and the new way they're going to keep score in


1m, 2f

Kathryn Petersen

Kathryn Petersen

Kathryn Petersen is a playwright, actress and teacher residing near Philadelphia. A member of the Dramatist's Guild, she's had eleven plays produced professionally, including four Pantos penned in collaboration with composer/lyricist Michael Ogborn: Treasure Island (2007, rev. 2011), Cinderella (2008, rev. 2013), Snow White in Follywood (2009), and The Three Musketeers: The Later Years (2010). ... view full profile

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