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La Posada - Short Play, Comedy

La Posada

Jose Cruz Gonzalez

Short Play, Comedy

3m, 2f

ISBN: 9780871298300

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: Acting Edition

Short Play


This is a festive holiday treat for the entire family to enjoy. Aurelio and Anita, an elderly Mexican-American couple, prepare their home to receive guests celebrating Las Posadas. This traditional Christmas custom involves the entire neighborhood reenacting the Holy Family's journey seeking shelter. Filled with music and nostalgia, Aurelio and Anita recall their first encounter. They transform back magically. We see them fall in love and get engaged, only to face El Nino, Anita's former fiance. He takes exception to an "Americano" wooing away his girl. El Nino is a Mexican macho who won't accept defeat. So Aurelio and El Nino face off in a Mexican showdown where eating spicy "chiles" will win the hand of Anita. La Posada will embrace the hearts and bring laughter to audiences of all ages. One int. set. Approximate running time: 45 minutes. Music in book.


3m, 2f


Jose Cruz Gonzalez

Jose Cruz Gonzalez's plays include Sunsets and Margaritas, The Heart's Desire, The Blue House, Tomas and the Library Lady, The Cloud Gatherer, Earth Songs, and September Shoes. A collection of his plays, Nine Plays by Jose Cruz Gonzalez:Magical Realism & Mature Themes in Theatre for Young Audiences, was published by the University of Texas Press in 2008.Mr. Gonzalez has written for PAZ, the ... view full profile

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