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Dragon Of The Winds - Short Play, Comedy

Dragon Of The Winds

Carson Wright

Short Play, Comedy

9m, 6f

ISBN: 9780871290199

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Acting Edition

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Short Play


Hanazo, the "sophisticated" kite maker, bullies Uji, an innocent sign painter, into helping play a hoax on his fellow villagers concerning the appearance of a mighty dragon; only they know the truth about the dragon's rumored ascension. But events run out of control and they find themselves faced with the ridicule of the villagers, the pangs of conscience, and the magic of miracles. Caught between hard realities and the simple faith of his fellow villagers, Uji must find his own beliefs. Inspired by a Japanese folktale and full of colorful characters, this play explores the territory between fact and fantasy, between science and poetry,that magic place where the truths of life exist. This play offers ample opportunity for music, dance, and colorful costumes and scenery. Enthusiastically received by audiences of all ages, this play won the Texas Educational Theater Association's playwriting contest. One ext. set. Approximate running time: 40 minutes.


9m, 6f

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