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Heubner The Reluctant - Short Play, Drama

Heubner The Reluctant

Alan Haehnel

Short Play, Drama

2m, 12f

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Short Play


Heubner, a starving beggar in a downtrodden village, awakes from a troubling dream of war and destruction to find that part of his dream has followed him into wakefulness: a mysterious floating woman proclaiming, "Heubner, you are the chosen." Against his better judgment, Heubner goes with the woman. She takes him to a cave where a band of warrior women prepares to face an evil army—the Craven—who will overrun Heubner's village and all of the land unless the women can stop them. Heubner learns that he holds the key to their victory. Though he tries repeatedly to deny his destiny and run from his duty, he finally learns a secret about his past that reveals how he, through the gift of storytelling, can indeed be "The Chosen." This fantasy provides great opportunities for challenging acting, stunning visuals and vigorous fight sequences. It also challenges the audience to ponder the impact of the story: Can a culture survive if it allows itself to forget? Unit set. Approximate running time: 40 minutes.


2m, 12f


Expandable casting

Alan Haehnel

Alan Haehnel

Alan Haehnel teaches high school English and Theater at Hanover High School in Hanover, New Hampshire. He has been involved in theater since college as an actor, director, and writer. His credits include numerous published plays and monologues that have been performed worldwide, the Vermont Playwright's Award in 1993, and several Vermont State Championships for his original one-acts entered in the ... view full profile

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