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On Time  (Musical) - Full Length Musical, Comedy

On Time (Musical)

Joy Chaitin, Sarah Stevens

Full Length Musical, Comedy

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Full Length Musical


 "On time! On time! You've got to be on time," or you'll miss the opportunity to make stars of your performers. On Time includes ten "time-oriented" scenes, each with its own mini-cast so that every performer can enjoy his or her own moment in the spotlight. Using a variety of styles, this funny, high-energy musical features such hits as "On Time" (an upbeat production number including the entire cast); "Time's Up" (a humorous melodrama featuring a lady in distress, a villain, a hero, and a train crew); "Junior High Blues" (a comical adolescent blues, featuring a soloist and backup group); "My Favorite Time of Year" (a lyrical yet humorous song about the season); "Bedtime" (a comedic monologue, featuring a child who does not wish to go to bed); "I'd Like to Tell Time a Thing or Two" (a humorous nightmare about telling time, featuring a child, Father Time, and nightmare clocks); "The Seven Ages of Man" (a thought-provoking scene with a narrated mime sequence featuring lines from As You Like It); "Future Technology" (three hilarious short skits about the future, featuring a clerk at McKnowledge, a fast-food restaurant which specializes in brain food); "Deferred Gratification" (a very funny tango); and "Quality Time" (a final production number featuring an all-cast kick line). Produced at both elementary and middle schools, this musical has won raves from students, teachers and parents alike. And audiences love its music and its humor! Unit set. Approximate running time 40 to 50 minutes.


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