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Sammy Carducci's Guide To Women - Full Length Play, Comedy

Sammy Carducci's Guide To Women

Ronald Kidd

Full Length Play, Comedy

1f, 3boy(s), 2girl(s)

ISBN: 9780871295224

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Full Length Play


Sammy Carducci isn't your normal sort of kid. For one thing, he wears a suit to school, along with high-top sneakers to show that he's still one of the people. More importantly, he's an expert on just about everything, especially women, or so he tells his gullible friend Gus Gaffney. With Gus taking notes, Sammy sets out on a survey, based on scientific principles, to find a date for the school dance. The girl he selects is Becky Davidson, who happens to be sweet, beautiful, and a foot taller than Sammy. Narrated by Sammy and Becky, the play follows Sammy's pursuit of the perfect girl, employing such proven techniques as "The Eye," "The Voice of Love," and "The Freeze." Becky watches, alternating amusement and outrage, along with her world-weary friend Alice Biddle. When 14-year-old Kevin Reynolds takes an interest in Becky, both she and Sammy are faced with some difficult decisions, which ultimately boil down to one question: How quickly do I want to grow up? Minimal set.


1f, 3boy(s), 2girl(s)

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