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Greek Holiday - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

Greek Holiday

Mayo Simon

Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

1m, 2f

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Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy

Greek Holiday is an explosive mixture of passions about to erupt under the stunning blue sky of a Greek island. A young couple, Alex and Debra, are at a small hotel for one last try at repairing their broken marriage. He lives in despair with memories of another woman. She lives in silent fury over being abandoned. Each is consumed with fantasies of revenge. Will their murderous thought turn into bloody reality? Or can their love be reborn in this sensuous setting? Every day Alex describes the gorgeous world outside. Debra refuses to leave the tacky room. She has allergies. She has to wash her hair. She's afraid of everything. He's patient, but inside he seethes. Each scene ends with wish-fulfilling murder,gun, knife, poison and other more fanciful means. Alex begs Debra to come with him to a rocky cove. He paints a picture of a magical place of sky and sea. Debra accepts, then suddenly accuses him of having been there with the other woman. He pleads his innocence. Is she crazy? Or could she be right? Unexpected romantic flashbacks leave the audience hungry to know the truth. The play takes an alarming turn as their fantasy weapons become real and murderous thoughts start coming true. But painful revelations and heartbreaking confessions open the hope for a new beginning for the troubled young couple. Greek Holiday is a roller coaster of emotions. Audience sympathies change with each new twist of this richly layered play. Some layers are shocking. Some are hilarious. Some are filled with the ache of lost love. "[a] fascinating and honest new comedy-drama." (The Star-Ledger, Newark, N.J.) "[Greek Holiday] is a sly carnival of emotions for the audience. By turns maliciously funny, poignant and wrenching, Simon has created a masterful portrait of a marriage wracked by lies, frustrated dreams and miscommunication…unpredictable, wildy funny and totally engaging thanks to Simon's insight about relationships." (Daily Record, Morris County, N.J.) One int. set. Approximate running time: 80 minutes.


1m, 2f

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