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Me And My Friend - Full Length Play, Comedy

Me And My Friend

Gillian Plowman

Full Length Play, Comedy

2m, 2f

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Full Length Play


"Wild laughter amid the anguish" is how The Daily Telegraph describes this play about two odd couples newly released from a mental hospital and living in an apartment building used for the rehabilitation of psychiatric patients. The friends do their best to support each other's recovery from their disturbances: Bunny's workaholism drove him and his marriage to a breakdown; Oz, once a postman, lost his memory of all familiar places when his mother died; Julia was unhinged by her preoccupation with men; and Robin, a housewife, suffocated her little son. The doctors have advised them to "make plans" for their future so, as the critic for The Independent described the present situation, "Downstairs, the men conduct fantasy interviews for the jobs which, with the telltale gaps in their CVs, they will now have a job getting. Upstairs, the women are building a tower of coin-filled Coke cans as a way of saving up for a holiday in France and have evolved an elaborate, slightly self-deceived system for cutting down on their household spending...[There is] barmy one-track mindedness of the protagonists and their supreme lack of tact which, when the couples collide at a sort of Mad Hatter's cocktail party, eventually push Me and My Friend into airborne, brilliantly paced farce." Two int. sets.


2m, 2f

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