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Francis And The Biograph Girl - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

Francis And The Biograph Girl

Cassi Harris

Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

2m, 2f

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Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy

Kit Wilkerson wakes up after a night of hard drinking to find to his dismay that he is married to his best friend's little sister, Ruby. Ruby is a feisty young girl with a tough survival lnstinct, and the two vehemently butt heads over everything from Kit's outrage at the arranged nuptials (of which he remembers nothing) to Ruby's innocent request to make a Thanksgiving dinner. It is their mutual loneliness that forges a bond between them, as they slowly learn to trust and love each other, sharing their dreams, ambitions and Kit's fascination with silent movies. When they are intruded upon by Donna, a longtime "friend" of Kit's, and Jed Goldstein, a social work volunteer escaping from his life by trying to help others, Kit's perception of his destiny is drastically altered. He admits to Ruby he hasn't long to live, and they decide to take that one great risk and chase his special dream. Their honesty forces Jed to hold a mirror to his own life, and he realizes that the "disadvantaged" couple he came to help have ended up helping and healing him. One int. set.


2m, 2f


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