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Dancing In Cleo's Cafe - Full Length Play, Drama

Dancing In Cleo's Cafe

Cassi Harris

Full Length Play, Drama

4m, 2f

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Full Length Play


Cleo's cafe has become a nesting place for four mentally unstable, lonely men who scare off all of the other customers. Cleo, a widow, longs to sell the diner, which is no longer making money for her, and start a new life of her own, but feels responsible for the care and feeding of her "captors"-Beau, a homeless, belligerent alcoholic; his best friend, the severely handicapped Ray Charles Jones; Lonny Lee Richardson, a schizophrenic from the Pinebrook home; and his new roommate, Pete White, a violent schizophrenic who has become nearly normal thanks to daily doses of Clozaril. Cleo is torn between moving on with her own life and her guilt at abandoning the men who seem to need her and the camaraderie of the diner so badly. Against her better judgment, Cleo finds herself drawn into a romantic attachment with Pete. But when he develops a fatal reaction to Clozaril and is taken off it, only to sink back into insanity, Cleo realizes that even the most troubled among us are a part of God's universe, and no matter how much we may love them, we are sometimes forced by life to move on. One int. set. The premier production of this play will have the benefit of the playwright's participation. One int. set. Approximate running time: 2 hours.


4m, 2f


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