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Dragon Of Nitt, The - Full Length Play

Dragon Of Nitt, The

Philip Grecian

Full Length Play

5m, 2f

ISBN: 9780871290397

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Acting Edition

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Full Length Play

The villagers of Nitt have everything,good neighbors, plenty to eat, a verdant forest nearby,everything but happiness! That was stolen (who knows how long ago) by the vengeful Hecate, the witch who lives on the other side of the forest. To recover happiness someone must cross the forest past the fierce dragon, recover the silver box of happiness, and return safely to Nitt. An impossible task! Everybody knows that! So, the villagers select Abercrombie, the most timid burglar, to attempt the adventure. As he begins his lonely quest Abercrombie doesn't know that his daughter, Robin, and her trusted dog, Quid, have followed him into the woods to protect him from harm and to help him rescue happiness. The ancient dragon turns out to be a sweet, wise character. In a flurry of high adventure, the dragon helps Robin and Quid spirit the silver box away from Hecate and scurry home with Hecate and her cohorts in hot pursuit. Does the silver box contain happiness? Of course not! But Robin and the villagers find their happiness anyway,and so does the witch! Two ext. sets.


5m, 2f

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