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These Men - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

These Men

Mayo Simon

Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy


ISBN: 9781583425091

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: Acting Edition

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Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy

 The critic for the Los Angeles Times describes it this way: "There's a little jewel of a play filling the Los Angeles Actors Theatre. It's a diamond in the rough whose lowdown shine should glow from here to Malibu. Like Shakespeare's raunchy Audrey, it's not for all markets. Your antivulgarians will find offense in it (and may consider themselves fairly warned), but for the more enlightened out there, willing to peer through the four-letter-word camouflage, Mayo Simon's These Men will bring in riches. It's a touching yelp for love and a holler of pain... Inevitably, These Men is about these women and how they come together through desperation. The largely unemployed Shelley has this little house in the canyon on which she can rarely pay the rent. Cloris is a dental assistant with a lover she's trying to lose. Helping each other out is an arrangement neither is wild about at first, but the two women, total strangers, make a zany sort of space for one another,and the fun begins." The London production was described by the critic for Punch as "A raunchy, touching, delightful play" and the Sunday Times described it as "...continuously funny and vividly put over." This is a wonderful opportunity for an advanced group with two very good actresses. One int. set.



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