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Wonderful World - Full Length Play, Comedy

Wonderful World

Richard Dresser

Full Length Play, Comedy

2m, 3f

ISBN: 9781583421185

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: Acting Edition

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Full Length Play


A close-knit New England family is shaken to its core when a minor misunderstanding spirals out of control. Max and Barry, brothers, find themselves at odds when Barry's wife, Patty, misinterprets a dinner invitation, feels she was deliberately excluded and embarks on a full-scale scorched-earth policy of truthtelling. Max's girlfriend, Jennifer, and mother, Lydia, are drawn into the fray as loyalties shift and relationships are ruthlessly examined. Patty's campaign to cut through accepted family truths forces them all to confront awkward sexual attraction, long-ago affairs, debilitating illness and, finally, a reconfigured family. Wonderful World probes the subterranean truths of an American family and ultimately affirms the mysterious powerful bonds that hold a family together. Unit set. Two acts. Approximate running time: 2 hours .
"[Dresser] sets up an ascending sequence of increasingly bizarre and wildly hilarious scenes in which his characters,two brothers, their respective spouses, and their mom,try by hook or by crook to convince the others to see things their way… It's bright


2m, 3f

Richard Dresser

Richard Dresser

Richard Dresser's plays include Below the Belt and Gun-Shy, both of which moved from Actors Theatre of Louisville Off-Broadway and on to regional productions. Other Actors Theatre of Louisville plays include What Are You Afraid Of?, set in the front seat of a car, Alone at the Beach and Wonderful World. Rounding Third appeared Off-Broadway and has had many regional productions. His trilogy of ... view full profile

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