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Fire Works! - Comedy

Fire Works!

Olga Humphrey


2m, 3f

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Three short comedies by Olga Humphrey. Svetlana's New Flame (1m., 3w.). Colorful Russian emigre Svetlana is ready to live the American Dream as she relocates to New York's Brighton Beach with her grandmother and younger sister, Milla. After visiting the Coney Island freak show, Svetlana realizes she was born to be a fire-eater, but her passion doesn't just extend to swallowing flames. She falls hard for another Coney Island regular, Ted, the "Human Blockhead," who hammers nails into his head and remains oblivious to Svetlana's obvious crush on him. Will Svetlana get a job with the freak show? Will Ted finally notice her? "One of the funniest and zaniest one acts I have ever seen." (Lifebeats) A winner of the Perishable Theatre's Women's Playwriting Festival. Simple set. Flambé (2m.,1w.). Young sous chef Timothy Gustav is thrilled to be chosen for a special television cooking show, assisting his idol, Flavia Doran, a culinary legend. Timothy's enthusiasm is sorely put to the test when Flavia shows up in a foul mood over the breakup of her marriage and after having a few drinks. She mocks Timothy' s love of cooking and happy relationship with his girlfriend. When the two realize that they share the same passion for a certain quirky and fiery food ritual involving a kumquat, Flavia finally reconnects with the excitement she felt when she first got into the business. Simple set. Hyperactive (1m., 2w.). Fourteen-year-old science genius Leoda has learned how to clone, thanks to her late dad. Now she practices by bringing road kill back to life. Next-door neighbor Quigley is planning on shooting the kids in their high school. By using her skills as a scientist, Leoda comes up with a risky and unusual plan to bring Quigley to his senses. "A cautionary tale that is not only hilarious, but dares to say, in these jaded times, that love is stonger than anger." (The Bristol Phoenix) A winner of the Perishable Theatre's Women's Playwriting Festival. Simple set.


2m, 3f


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