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My Son The Lawyer Is Drowning - Full Length Play, Comedy

My Son The Lawyer Is Drowning

Doug Macleod

Full Length Play, Comedy

3m, 3f

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Full Length Play


Alan and Miriam Isaacs have two major intrusions in their suburban lifestyle. The first is an unexpected visitation from The Almighty. The second, and more disturbing intrusion, involves son Danny's love life. Miriam's birthday is quite an eventful day. Danny, the law student, comes to visit,and so does God!,who appears on the Isaacs' TV and instructs Alan to build an ark. "If I don't raze the earth by flood, you'll probably do it by other means so that nothing will be able to inherit it." But Alan and Miriam must keep this a secret from Danny and Rivka, Alan's mother. Alan gets to work on the ark, but progress is slow, so God moves in with the Isaacs and is introduced to Rivka and Danny as a houseguest. Rivka asks what his name is, to which God replies, "My name is hallowed throughout the world." "Harold?" That's a fine name. Why don't you and I have a little drink together, Harold... Put come color into those cheeks!" Meanwhile, a family of iguanodons has moved in next door (to organize the animals for the ark). Danny falls in love with one of them and, to Miriam's horror, plans to get married. Miriam and Alan are the only two humans to be allowed on the ark, but Miriam stows away Danny, and God himself protects Rivka, giving us an ending that is pure delight. The dialogue and events get zanier by the minute in this hilarious twist on a well-known story. One int. set.


3m, 3f

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