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Kimchee And Chitlins - Full Length Play, Drama

Kimchee And Chitlins

Elizabeth Wong

Full Length Play, Drama

4m, 3f

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Full Length Play


Named after the trademark dishes of Koreans and African-Americans, respectively, this wickedly funny play skewers the news media and modern race relations in America. Novice television news reporter Suzie Seeto finds herself sitting pretty in the anchor seat, but she's haunted by the bogeyman chorus which questions the way she got her promotion. From there it's a nonstop flashback barreling towards the dark, roiling truth about racism, power, and personal integrity in the workplace. Matilda Duvet, a Haitian woman, claims she was beaten up by an immigrant Korean grocer, Key Chun Mak. Our intrepid reporter Suzie hates covering "minority issues," but goes reluctantly to Brooklyn to investigate. But Matilda has disappeared. African-Americans are boycotting Mak's New Way Grocery Store. And Korean-Americans are loading up on ammunition. As the Rashomon-like mystery of "what really happened" unfolds, Suzie soon discovers that nothing at the New Way Grocery Store is what it seems. Even the videotape takes on a life of its own, as it rewinds and reconfigures events, arguing with Suzie about the best sound bites. Bare stage w/props.


4m, 3f

Elizabeth Wong

Elizabeth Wong

Elizabeth Wong holds an MFA from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, and she's proud of the recent accomplishments of fellow classmates Neil LaBute, Lamar Damon, Ilkka Jarvilaturi and Jennifer Maisel. Her Off-Broadway award-winning play Letters To A Student Revolutionary, the first play in the country to respond to the Tiananmen Square massacre, was originally produced by Artistic ... view full profile

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