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Tucker's Ridge - Full Length Play, Drama

Tucker's Ridge

Peggy Devitt Katz

Full Length Play, Drama

4m, 3f

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Full Length Play


Tucker's Ridge is a compelling drama of friendship, fatality and the search for a brighter future by two teenage boys trapped by geography and family in a rural mountain town. A scholarship opportunity offers one of them the chance to escape. Despite a great love for the land around him and despite being grounded in a funny, loving family, Tucker wants the chance to leave. "This place has got me by the heart," he says to his friend Luke. "I'm afraid it will kill me if I stay." Oddly enough, Luke, who suffers abuse from an alcoholic father, cannot face leaving. When Tucker does not come home one night, his mother fears the worst and shares those fears in a haunting nighttime scene with the local sheriff. The final scene is driven by the fury of loss, followed by a surprising twist that will captivate the hearts of your audiences. The beauty of this play's language, and the color of the rural dialect, create characters that are vital and believable and bring freshness and life to the problems, fears and hopes of today's youth. Unit set. Approximate running time: 50 minutes.


4m, 3f

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