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Incredible Murder Of Cardinal Tosca, The - Full Length Play, Drama

Incredible Murder Of Cardinal Tosca, The

Alden Nowlan, Walter Learning

Full Length Play, Drama

14m, 3f

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Full Length Play


 Dr. Alden Nowlan and Dr. Walter Learning came into possession of the papers on which they have based their highly successful play The Incredible Murder of Cardinal Tosca. Those papers had been entrusted to the heirs of a certain illustrious client until such time as they might be made public, in whole or in part, "without shaking the Christian Church to its foundations and threatening the existence of dynasties which have flourished for a thousand years." Even today, the case involves such political, religious and human ramifications that Drs. Nowlan and Learning have felt it their duty to withhold or disguise certain details,as, for example, the real name of Cardinal Tosca and the true cause of his eventual death. Neither Dr. Nowlan nor Dr. Learning will entertain speculation as to the identity of the illustrious lady for whose house they, like Holmes, have been privileged to perform some small services, in recognition of which they have been entrusted with these priceless documents. We now entrust you with this priceless play as it was earlier entrusted to the Actors Theatre of Louisville, where its success was quite extraordinary. As a famous Holmesian in the audience was heard to exclaim,"Good show!" Three int. sets.


14m, 3f


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