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Frank's Life - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

Frank's Life

Mark Dunn

Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

3m, 4f

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Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy

Frank is the star of his own soap opera. Frank's Life. Unfortunately for poor Frank, he doesn't know it. Nor does he realize that his wife, his mother, his sister and best friend, indeed everyone he has met since the age of 3 are actors. But the elaborate deception can't last much longer: ratings have dropped, revenues are down,even the network itself is in trouble. As cast members are asked to take pay cuts, they begin to leave the show,killing themselves off in unseemly soap-opera ways. Frank's gnawing feeling that something about his life just "doesn't seem right" grows to near paranoia before he makes the painful discovery that he's been duped by everyone he cares for. Then there's the little matter of "what to do with Frank." A darkly funny allegory about an everyman honest, good and true,who learns that he has lost title of his very life,and his final showdown with corporate powers to win back that life and stake out his own spot in a world without artifice. And in the end, as Frank reclaims his humanity, the actors who surround him discover theirs as well.Area staging.
"Frank has good friends, a beautiful wife, a loving mother, and a devoted sister... Only problem is, his life is a television soap opera and it's about to be canceled." —New York Post "A fresh and frenetic new play." —New York Post


3m, 4f

Mark Dunn

Mark Dunn

Mark Dunn is the author of over thirty full-length plays, with two of his one-acts and eleven of his full-lengths published in acting edition by Samuel French, Inc. His award-winning plays BELLES, FIVE TELLERS DANCING IN THE RAIN, NORTH FORK: A TEXAS TRAGICOMEDY and A DELIGHTFUL QUARANTINE have together been produced nearly 300 times throughout the world. Dunn writes largely for the amateur ... view full profile

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