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Horse Scents - Full Length Play, Comedy

Horse Scents

J. Mick Dunna

Full Length Play, Comedy

6m, 4f

ISBN: 9780871295613

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: Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Horse-Scents is exactly the kind of show you would expect to take place at Chip and Patty's Perfume Emporium, Rooming House, and Manure Museum. C.B. SeVille, assisted by his trusted lackey and universal part doubler, Toad, is directing Horse-Scents,The Movie. Every cast member hangs on each subtle insight of the gifted C.B.,except when they ignore him completely. The play-within-a-movie-within-a-play chronicles the tough times that Chip's Manure Museum has fallen upon (not one customer has ever visited it), the minimal success of Patty's perfumes ("Eau de Appaloosa" is hardly jumping off the shelves), and daughter Sweet Roady's lonely aloneness (related in her letter to some friendly cows which begins, "Dear Dairy"). Add the complications of Museum Curator Arnold Benedict's unrequited love for Roady, Avaricia Slime's obsession with the unattainable Chip, and the chance that the perfume business, the rooming house, and, unfortunately, the manure museum may fall into evil hands and you've got the kind of mess which this place seems predestined for. When who mysteriously appears on the scene but Vance Lancelot, nobly astride his mount, Fligger, and accompanied by his sidekick Spud. Even financier Avaricia's assistant, Debit, is no match for all his free-flowing goodness and light. But, something is still missing, and the vital final element is,audience participation! C.B. recruits extras, bank drudges, dog interpreters, a shark choir, and other even less likely performers from among the poor nameless victims who thought they had no obligation but to watch. Get this crowd together and the fun will fly! One int. set.


6m, 4f

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