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Confessions Of Women From East L.A. - Full Length Play, Comedy

Confessions Of Women From East L.A.

Josefina Lopez

Full Length Play, Comedy


ISBN: 9780871297280

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Full Length Play


A celebration of being Latina and being women in the U.S., this play challenges the stereotypes of Latinas as "virgins, mothers and whores," with the vibrant humor and authentic voices of women from East L.A. telling their stories with imagination and poetry. Four actors play nine unforgettable characters including: Marquez-Bemstein, Ph.D., 35, a woman who encourages Latinas to marry Jewish men in her "How To Be A Super Latina" seminar; Calletana, 40, a street vendor who challenges city hall for her right to earn a living; Lolita Corazon, 25, who teases and punishes men with her powerful sexuality; Yoko Martinez, 28, a Latina who's trying to pass for Japanese; Roxie, 30, a self-defense instructor who accidentally attacks a man who was merely going to ask her for the time; Tiffany, 20, a valley girl and a Chicana activist who finds courage and strength in Frida Kahlo's paintings; Dofia Conception, 55, a grandmother who, after her husband dies, is forced to come to terms with her sexuality when she discovers her husband gave her AIDS; Doija Florinda, 45, a soap opera addict in recovery; and Valentina, 26, a Chicana activist who is trying to organize her people to fight racism and Proposition 187. Unit set. Approximate running time: 1 hour, 20 minutes.



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