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Time After Time - Full Length Play, Drama

Time After Time

John Mattera, Stephen Barrows, Karl Alexander

Full Length Play, Drama

5m, 5f

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Full Length Play


Amy, attractive, lonely and a little fed up with her dead-end job as a clerk in a San Francisco bank where men doing the same work are much better paid, is having an unusual day. An oddly dressed Englishman comes up to her desk, greatly concerned about an earlier visitor whom he is evidently following. What Amy doesn't realize yet is that both of these men have just left the fog-filled London streets of 1893 to come to these fume-filled streets of present-day San Francisco. Jack the Ripper has used H.G. Wells' Time Machine to disappear into the future, and H.G. decides it's his responsibility to bring him back to London and justice. Befriended by Amy, H.G. begins to close in on Jack, which puts H.G. and Amy into some scenes that will have your audience gasping. H.G. is finally successful in bringing Jack the Ripper to a strange justice and in persuading Amy that she should come back to old London and marry him. Could this possibly be true? We can recite the historical fact. H.G. Wells' wife was named Amy, and back in London she began a major battle for women's rights! Three simple sets.


5m, 5f


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Karl Alexander

Karl Alexander (born around 1945) is an American writer. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he is the son and nephew of screenwriters—his father, William Tunberg, wrote the screenplay for Old Yeller, and his uncle, Karl Tunberg, wrote the screenplay for Ben-Hur—and has worked on a number of films himself.He is the author of Time After Time, which was adapted into a successful film of the same title ... view full profile

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