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Rowing To America: The Immigrant Project - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

Rowing To America: The Immigrant Project

Keith Glover, Akbil Sharma, Guillermo Reyes, J. Rufus Caleb, Karen Sunde, Kitty Chen, Meg Griffith, Robert Clyman, Sachi Oyama

Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

5m, 5f

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Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy

Rowing to America is a collection of nine one-act plays on the immigration, emigration and migration experience. Written by a culturally diverse group of writers dealing with culturally diverse characters, these sometimes comic, sometimes tragic and poetic pieces cut to the heart of the immigration issue and provide an excellent opportunity to exercise the talents of a multicultural cast. "After you see these nine short plays about immigration, you'd have to have a heart of industrial-strength plastic not to be grateful that your ancestors took the plunge." (Newark Star Ledger). Dead Bolivians on a Raft(2m., 1w.) is a farce about an immigrant Mexican family whose playwright son wants to put his family in a play about immigrants; The Apron (2w.) is a heartwarming story of one sister who has to leave another sister behind in Ireland to move to America; Rowing to America (2w.) has a young girl literally rowing across the ocean to America amidst memories of her sister; Slave Coffee/ With Observer (1m., 2w.) deals with the forced march of African slaves from one state to another; Homeland (ensemble) finds a young Japanese woman dealing with the confusion that is life in Los Angeles; Famous Ali (2m., 1w.) is a comedy about an Afghani citizen and his Haitian "wife" who will say anything to get through customs; in A Mule in J.F.K. (2m.), a dead Colombian drug-runner emerges out of his body bag to lecture a customs officer on the merits of America; Let Us Go Then (2m., 1w.) examines the grief of an Indian family whose American-born daughter commits suicide; Oh Wild West Wind (1m., 2w.) is a take on the forced march of Native Americans during the infamous "Trail of Tears." Rowing to America may be performed in its entirety or as separate selected pieces. Area staging.


5m, 5f


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