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Long Red Herring, The - Full Length Play, Comedy

Long Red Herring, The

Pat Cook

Full Length Play, Comedy

2m, 6f

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Full Length Play


Professor Kleine, a creative literature instructor, has a rather unusual final exam. He sets up a murder in his own home and has his students try to solve it. After they are dropped off at the professor's house and told not to "tear up any wallpaper or make any long-distance calls to Bangkok," they begin the assignment. Somewhere along the way, however, one of the students begins to wonder if it really is just an assignment or a real murder has taken place. After all, no one has seen the professor's wife in some time. And some of the clues, such as a bullet hole in a man's jacket, look frighteningly real. Slowly, each of the participants begins to suspect the other, especially when one of them is murdered...or was she? Did the professor do it? Or maybe the brainy Kate. Maybe it was the shy Mary Jane who keeps apologizing for everything. Or Bojo, the jock who's only out for a late snack in the kitchen. But when another student is killed, it really gets serious. Part of the final? Or actual homicides. Who is really dead? And who is the murderer? The surprising ending will simply kill you! One int. set.


2m, 6f

Pat Cook

Pat Cook

Pat Cook got his first taste of seeing his work in print when he was still in high school in Frankston, Texas, writing for the school paper. Then, during the summers, he wrote a column for his hometown newspaper. It wasn't until college, however, when he saw the movie version of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple, that he decided to try his hand at writing plays. His first one-act, The Boys In The Halls, ... view full profile

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