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Cake And Sippin' Whiskey - Full Length Play, Drama

Cake And Sippin' Whiskey

Vicki Mooney

Full Length Play, Drama

3m, 6f

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Licensing Rights for this title are not available through Samuel French.


Full Length Play


A new Southern folktale about a young girl's passion, how it affects her life and, because of poor choices made through her inexperience, ultimately destroys her future and radically changes the lives of everyone involved. Starlene is 17, beautiful, spoiled and engaged to be engaged to Bunce Morgen. Not knowing it is the eve of her intended fiance's return, Starlene is seduced by Bunce's best friend Jake. When Jake reveals his feelings for Starlene and suggests making a clean breast of things to Bunce, Starlene refuses. Bunce returns and Starlene accepts his marriage proposal before he offers it. At Bunce's homecoming, the whole family is present and Jake, wanting to claim Starlene for himself, comes close enough to blurting out the truth for Bunce to guess it. Although the rift is superficially healed, a terrible accident occurs that casts ugly suspicions on Jake. This high drama of passion, truth and exile poetically illustrates first love, first betrayal and the pain of hard punishment that does not fit the crime. At its off-Broadway tryout, it received a standing ovation. One ext. set.


3m, 6f

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