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Voices From Washington High - Full Length Play, Drama

Voices From Washington High

Craig Sodaro

Full Length Play, Drama

7m, 8f

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Full Length Play


Violence...in the cities... on the streets... in our schools. From today's headlines, Voices from Washington High confronts violence in the hallways of a modern American high school. A group of lifelong friends, whose secret hiding place is the roof of Washington High, agrees that, as seniors, they'll have the best year ever. But times are changing, and their lives are swept into this whirlpool. A new kid begins setting one friend against another, and gradually the kids realize their own fears and vulnerabilities. Jealousy and alienation take a terrible toll. And then a shot is fired. The principal attempts to downplay the tragedy claiming it was an isolated incident. But it's only the beginning. Voices offers strong and powerful characters: Jessy, the smartest kid in class, who hopes her dreams will even be partially realized; Coulee Mark, the new kid, who takes on the world like an enemy; Laura, the girl who needs someone,even the wrong someone,in her life; Eddie, the kid who wants out, but doesn't know the way; Miss Allen, the counselor who tries to warn others that what's happening isn't going to disappear like a rain shower; and Claudia, the freshman, who wants to have it all. In this powerful play, we hear the voices of the kids, their teachers, their parents and siblings,all edging carelessly toward a world of violence. Perhaps one voice can stop them before it's too late. Area staging.


7m, 8f


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