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View From Sunset Towers, The - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

View From Sunset Towers, The

Kent R. Brown

Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

6m, 9f

ISBN: 9780871297396

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Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy

 This highly theatrical play offers 15 major roles for actors who also portray a wide array of secondary characters. Comprised of interwoven tales of love and courage, The View From Sunset Towers is a compelling journey through the memories and dreams of a fascinating ensemble: Clarence, who challenges Elvis Presley to one-arm push-up contests on the catwalks high above the sound stages of MGM; Sister Darlene, who as a child hides in the shadows late at night and peers into the souls of her neighbors; Doris and Sparky, who summon the courage to travel around the world instead of waiting submissively for their lives to end; Carolyn, the biker mom who completes high school so her college-graduate daughter will be proud of her; Arthur, who puts his faith in golf instead of God; Helen, the drive-through bank teller who falls into obsessive love with one of her customers; and many other tales. This delightful vehicle offers showcase roles for everyone in your company. Simple unit set.


6m, 9f

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