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Echoes - Full Length Play, Drama


Vaughn Mcbride

Full Length Play, Drama

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Full Length Play


Vaughn McBride is a superior playwright who has worked for years with the Actors Theatre of Louisville and as a teacher and mentor to young playwrights with the Walden Theatre in Louisville. This talent and these experiences have combined in this unique work which is best described to you by the playwright: "When I first began teaching playwriting at Walden Theatre I quickly learned that honesty is not the best policy...it is the only policy. As I encouraged young minds to write from the reality and basic honesty of their own feelings and place in life, a new kind of writing was opened up to me. Most of the pieces in Echoes were written for a particular student, a particular personality. Many are drawn from events and emotions which the young people shared with me. Should a particular piece be too graphic, too out of place for the usage you plan, it can be eliminated. I feel strongly that there is much truth in these pages. Although individually these Echoes may prove valuable as audition pieces or contest material, they are primarily meant for presentation as an event...a showcase evening for young talent. The number and diversity of the monologues provide the director the opportunity to shape the evening around the talent to be showcased and the audience to be played to. It is the director's choice as to the number of pieces and the order and length of the production. Echoes I and Echoes II simply provide the bookends.


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