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Frankenstein  (Averill) - Full Length Play, Drama

Frankenstein (Averill)

Mary Shelley, Ric Averill

Full Length Play, Drama

4m, 2f

ISBN: 9781583423509

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Acting Edition

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Full Length Play


 In this retelling of Frankenstein, a mysterious laboratory, a dark cemetery and a university classroom provide the setting for Victor Frankenstein and his university friends, students who dabble in the mystical science of regeneration. Victor's fiancé, Elizabeth, and best friend, Henry, bring body parts from the cemetery for his experiments. But Victor's work backfires when he brings to life a superhuman, monstrous creation he cannot control. Huge and haunted by memories of a dark past, the Creature breaks out of the laboratory. The Creature is met with horror from everyone he meets except for Victor's blind professor, who feels sympathy for the Creature "of the earth" and helps him with both language and memory. The Professor also speaks of the importance of love and companionship, and the Creature realizes that this is something Victor has and he is denied. The Creature follows Henry's beautiful girlfriend, Justine, to the cemetery and asks her to be his love, his companion. When she resists him, he holds her so tightly she dies. The Creature brings her body to Victor to reanimate—to make him a bride. Victor refuses until the Creature threatens to take Elizabeth from him on their wedding night. Victor begins to do the Creature's bidding. Elizabeth tries to stop the terror by facing the Creature and even offering to be his bride if Victor might be spared. But the final confrontation leaves Elizabeth dead, the Creature gone and Victor alone. Commissioned by the Coterie Theatre. Area staging. Approximate running time: 1 hour.


4m, 2f


Ric Averill

Ric Averill has been the Artistic Director of the Seem-To-Be Players professional children's theatre company since he and his wife, Jeanne, founded the company in 1973. Mr. Averill writes plays and music for children, youth, and adults, and has degrees in both Music Composition and Playwriting.Mr. Averill has received numerous playwriting fellowships and been selected for six professional play ... view full profile

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