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Adventures Of Nate The Great, The - Full Length Play, Comedy

Adventures Of Nate The Great, The

Marjorie Weinman Sharmat, Pamela Sterling

Full Length Play, Comedy

3m, 4f

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Full Length Play


On a darkened stage, a tall figure in a trench coat and fedora blows a warm jazz refrain on a saxophone. This taller figure is joined by a much smaller figure, dressed in an identical trench coat and fedora. As the smaller figure raises his head, we see that under his fedora is a small boy with a very open, ordinary face. There is nothing ordinary about his expression, however. It is very "cool" and very serious. He is Nate the Great, the sharpest kid detective ever to solve his neighborhood's mysteries. With his faithful dog, Sludge, and his friends, he solves important cases, always remembering to leave a note for his mother and wear his galoshes! It's the Our Gang comedies meet Raymond Chandler. It's a spoof of "B" movie mysteries. It's a perspective of a child's vision of life's everyday mysteries—when past, present and future all combine to create a wonderful Now. Unit set with various int. and ext. locales suggested.


3m, 4f


Pamela Sterling

Pamela Sterling is an associate professor of Theatre at Arizona State University where she teaches courses in playwriting, acting, directing, Theatre for Youth and Theatre for Social Change. She has served as the Executive Director for the Muny/Student Theatre Project, and as Artistic Director for The Coterie Theatre, Honolulu Theatre for Youth and Idaho Theatre for Youth. Her work developing new ... view full profile

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