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Golden Goose, The - Full Length Play

Golden Goose, The

June Walker Rogers

Full Length Play

8m, 11f

ISBN: 9780871297099

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Full Length Play

An original adaptation of the beloved fairy tale. Simpleton sets out to chop firewood for his mother and meets a Dear Little Old Lady in the woods. She brings him Goldie, the Golden (and talking) Goose and sends him to the castle of King Krank to woo the Princess Cry Baby. The suitor who can make the princess smile wins her hand and half the kingdom. Goldie is not only golden but enchanted, and anyone touching her feathers sticks to them. As Goldie and Simpleton wend their way to the castle, they pick up,literally,everyone they meet. The sight of Simpleton and his stuck-together retinue of an innkeeper and family, a bride and a cook not only makes the princess smile but has her laughing hysterically. This is a particularly happy combination of story and play. One ext. set. Approximate running time: 65 minutes.


8m, 11f

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