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Big Tush, Little Tush  (Musical) - Full Length Musical, Comedy

Big Tush, Little Tush (Musical)

Jeff Lantos, Robyn Hutter

Full Length Musical, Comedy

3m, 6f

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Full Length Musical


Big Tush, Little Tush is the story of five-year-old Molly Benson, who is convinced that all her problems in life stem from the fact that her tush is too small. Molly is convinced that her life would be better if only she had a big tush like her mother has. Then there's a crisis in the Benson household, one that could have serious consequences such as Molly's dad losing his job. There's only one possible way to avert this crisis. Someone small of stature must fit into a very long and narrow cupboard. Inside the cupboard Molly meets the whisecracking monarch of this cupboard kingdom who convinces her to be happy with what she's got. Molly saves her dad's job and, in the end, she celebrates her asset. One simple set. Approximate running time: 1 hour. 
"…a gem of a show filled with energy, imagination and musical sophistication. The fantasy adventure in the cupboard is a kick. The songs are jazzy and hummable." —Los Angeles Times "I loved it, and what's more important, my 6-year-old son loved it." —Sa


3m, 6f

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