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Eric And Elliot - Full Length Play, Drama

Eric And Elliot

Dwayne Hartford

Full Length Play, Drama

3m, 2f

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Full Length Play


Eric and Elliot is the story of a family's journey toward healing following a devastating suicide. The title characters are brothers who must find help for their severely depressed mother. Elliot is a loving son deeply concerned about his mother's emotional state. Eric, the younger of the two, is in denial about the situation. As they walk to the family doctor's office the brothers lose their way. They find themselves in a strange new place where they encounter a woman obsessed with the past, a man focused on the future, and another woman trying desperately to ignore both. These three characters all insist that the boys must follow them in order to find their way again. Eventually, Elliot convinces Eric that only through facing their past can they truly find their way. In the dramatic final scene, Elliot gently helps Eric remember the tragic day last summer—the day when Elliot killed himself. Because the audience is not aware of Elliot's final end, they get to know him as a whole person before they see him as a suicide victim. It is only after the play that the audience will recognize the clues given throughout. Teen depression is treatable. The play educates the audience about the warning signs of depression and the importance of seeking help. Told with gentle humor and fantasy, Eric and Elliot is a story of hope. Flexible set. Approximate running time:65 minutes.


3m, 2f


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