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Virtual Devotion - Full Length Play, Comedy

Virtual Devotion

Eric Coble

Full Length Play, Comedy

3m, 3f

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Full Length Play


Armageddon will be brought to you by—the Home Shopping Network! Virtual Devotion is a day in the life of three members of a shattered family trying to navigate a world of pollution, terrorism, and disease to make someconnection through—and in spite of—their faith. Pete, a televangelist for "The Mature Warriors for Christ," preaches violent hate against sinners, especially youth, to his 35 million viewers. He's on top of the world until he discovers he has the Mystery Plague, a fatal illness he has praised as God's vengeance. Anne, a sweet young telemarketer for the Happy Halo Ministry for Children is desperately trying to raise funds to send CD-ROMs on the book of Job to children in Sudan. When her telephone number is mistakenly advertised as a national confession line, her life goes from harried to furious. Ruth is a sardonic woman who views the world from her armchair until she sees the face of Ezekial the prophet in her tapioca pudding. Now the world is clamoring at her door as everyone from CNN to Disney is after her and her miracle. And Jesus, only Son of the Living God, has come back. He begins the day in a temp agency and finds himself in a string of service economy jobs, including working at Chubby Burger and delivering pizza. But why is He here? Why now? And will anyone notice? All four become deeply entwined in one another's lives, eventually "meeting" on the Home Shopping Network selling religious artifacts just moments before what may just be the end of the world. Area staging. Approximate running time: 1 hour, 45 minutes.


3m, 3f


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Eric Coble

Eric Coble

People find this hard to believe, but Eric Coble was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and raised on the Navajo and Ute reservations in New Mexico and Colorado, playing with rocks, sticks, seeing 1940′s serials at the movie theatre thirty miles away, and wandering the desert with his friends trying to avoid cactus until he was 15 years old.Much of that time was spent writing/drawing comics and rigging ... view full profile

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