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Journey To The World's Edge - Full Length Play, Drama

Journey To The World's Edge

Ernest Joselovitz, Harry Michael Bagdasian

Full Length Play, Drama

6m, 9f

ISBN: 9781583425510

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: Acting Edition

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Full Length Play


This tale is about young Brigid Shawn O'Grady of long-ago County Clare in Ireland who just wants to be normal. Brigid cannot leave her house without being shunned and mocked by everyone in her village for the misshapen foot she'd been born with. She is isolated by her parents until, one day, she sets off to ask the help of the legendary Sea Mither. This powerful spirit gives Brigid a magical Bard's Rod to point her way to the well at the world's edge where Brigid will find a sage who will answer her plea. But getting there will not be easy. Along the journey, Brigid must pass three tests—one of her heart, one of her mind, and one of her courage. She meets talking animals, fanciful creatures, and a dangerous bog serpent that all challenge her to question what it means to be different. Steeped in Irish culture and legends, Journey to the World's Edge is about Brigid's journey toward self-esteem and courage. She finds not only the sage but also a surprising answer for the girl who, from that day onward, became known as Brigid—meaning "strength"—Shawn—meaning "one-of-a-kind"—O'Grady. Unit set. Approximate running time: 55 minutes.


6m, 9f


Expandable casting

Harry Michael  Bagdasian

Harry Michael Bagdasian

Harry Michael Bagdasian, a writer/director for a variety of media, was a pioneer in the Washington, DC small theatre movement. He co-founded New Playwrights’ Theatre and led its growth for 12 years, was a founder of The League of Washington Theatres, and he wrote, directed and produced the Inaugural Helen Hayes Awards at The National Theatre in Washington, DC. For 25 years he has been writing ... view full profile

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