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Rebel Without A Cause - Full Length Play, Drama

Rebel Without A Cause

James Fuller, Stewart Stern

Full Length Play, Drama

13m, 10f

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Full Length Play


This is a play concerning the emotional problems of young people that requires only a bare stage and a few representational props. In spite of a warning, Jim won't stay away from Judy, even though she is the steady of Buzz, the leader of a gang of high school toughs. Determined to stay out of trouble and yet unwilling to be thought of as a coward, Jim manages successfully until his new friend, Plato, in an effort to help him, is beaten up and the other students start to call him "chicken." Jim agrees to a fantastic test of courage between himself and Buzz. A tragic accident takes place. Jim, shocked, tries to go to the authorities but only succeeds in arousing the leaderless but vicious remains of Buzz's high school gang, who set out to find and punish him for "betrayal." Jim and Judy begin to discover in each other part of the answer they have been looking for to some of the problems of being teenagers. Plato tries to delay the gang when they appear looking for Jim, but in his confusion and terror, Plato runs away and creates thereby another tragedy. Area staging. 


13m, 10f

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