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Princess And The Pea, The - Comedy

Princess And The Pea, The

Ric Averill


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The Princess and the Pea: (2m., 5w., 1m. or w.). This retelling of the classic fairy tale features a prince dumb with adolescence whose only hope is to find the perfect princess. Though three others apply, Princess Rose is the only one who can pass the test of the pea under 12 mattresses and save the kingdom. Unit set representing castle interior with one small outside area. Approximate running time: 30 minutes. No TV: (3m., 2w., 3m. or w.). Serenity has been grounded from television and told to clean her room. With no TV and only a deluxe Filter Queen vacuum cleaner to play with, her imagination runs wild and brings forth such characters as the Dust Bee, Prince Charmin and the Underbedergator. A triumph of the imagination over the idiot box. Unit set representing Serenity's bedroom. Approximate running time: 25 minutes. Cats and Bats: (2w., 2m. or w.). Lazy Lucy the calico cat is extremely content, until her mistress Nolan brings home a new "baby brother" in the form of Belfry the Bat. Belfry is so hyperactive that it looks like the two will never get along until they have to band together to stop the neighborhood bully, Ranger the Dog. Unit set representing Nolan's backyard. Approximate running time: 15 minutes. The Great Alphabet Robbery: (3m., 1w., 28m. or w., doubling possible). Oscar and Archibald are incorrigable students. The only hope their principal has is to send them down the "blue hallway" of imagination where they set out ot steal the letter of the alphabet. As they steal the letters, they can't use them in speech, and soon they discover the value of learning. Unit set. Approximate running time: 20 minutes. Approximate total running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes.


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Ric Averill

Ric Averill has been the Artistic Director of the Seem-To-Be Players professional children's theatre company since he and his wife, Jeanne, founded the company in 1973. Mr. Averill writes plays and music for children, youth, and adults, and has degrees in both Music Composition and Playwriting.Mr. Averill has received numerous playwriting fellowships and been selected for six professional play ... view full profile

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