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Dramatic Comedy

10 by 10 meets perfectly the growing demand by presenters and educators for plays that build character. It started with a simple notion: Take ten top playwrights-for-youth and send them on a mission. Write a short play that illustrates an important human value. Honesty. Family. Respect for life. Respect for parents. Truthfulness. Faith. Gratitude. Sanctity. And so forth. Each of these playwrights has risen enthusiastically to the artistic challenge and its profound possibilities. You'll find comedies, dramas and "dramadies." From a girl who steals a cell phone at the school dance and comes face to face with an unexpected higher authority, to the grandmother with a penchant for executing buzzing flies with her swatter, to a couple of young concert-goers waiting to meet their idol, 10 by 10 forms a linked collection of short plays that will delight, astonish, challenge and inspire audiences young and old. Simple staging. Approximate running time: 10 minutes to 120 minutes, depending on the number of plays presented. PLAYS IN THE COLLECTION 1....Kelso and Case-Tec 2....Wonder on Paper 3....Waiting for Bobo 4....Last Minute 5....Sitting With Bertie 6...."Quick-Draw Grandma" 7....Grown Up Tree 8....Out of Order 9....Fork in the Road 10...Get
Elizabeth Wong

Elizabeth Wong

Elizabeth Wong holds an MFA from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, and she's proud of the recent accomplishments of fellow classmates Neil LaBute, Lamar Damon, Ilkka Jarvilaturi and Jennifer Maisel. Her Off-Broadway award-winning play Letters To A Student Revolutionary, the first play in the country to respond to the Tiananmen Square massacre, was originally produced by Artistic ... view full profile

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Jose Cruz Gonzalez

Jose Cruz Gonzalez's plays include Sunsets and Margaritas, The Heart's Desire, The Blue House, Tomas and the Library Lady, The Cloud Gatherer, Earth Songs, and September Shoes. A collection of his plays, Nine Plays by Jose Cruz Gonzalez:Magical Realism & Mature Themes in Theatre for Young Audiences, was published by the University of Texas Press in 2008.Mr. Gonzalez has written for PAZ, the ... view full profile

Ric Averill

Ric Averill has been the Artistic Director of the Seem-To-Be Players professional children's theatre company since he and his wife, Jeanne, founded the company in 1973. Mr. Averill writes plays and music for children, youth, and adults, and has degrees in both Music Composition and Playwriting.Mr. Averill has received numerous playwriting fellowships and been selected for six professional play ... view full profile

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