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Boo! Thirteen Scenes From Halloween - Dramatic Comedy

Boo! Thirteen Scenes From Halloween

Pat Cook

Dramatic Comedy

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Dramatic Comedy

With a full moon and a grinning jack-o'-lantern beaming from every window, it's a hard heart that doesn't get a little spooked at Halloween. Celebrate the holiday with this witch's brew of playlets, each designed to make your skin crawl and tickle your funny bone. This eerie review of 12 skits and a one-act, all with a sinister twist, is just the thing for a few scary chuckles. Thirteen stories in all, they can play for a full evening's entertainment or just add to any variety show. Full of a wicked assortment of trick-or-treaters, grave diggers, witches and goblins, each story is a haunt all itself. Find out about The Curse of the Ugly Dolls, The Grave Situation, A Very Dirty Trick, and A Very Sweet Treat. See how to pick out The Perfect Mask and why Two Heads are Better Than One. This ghostly brew is easily produced with a flexible cast. Varied simple sets. Approximate total running time: 1 hour, 35 minutes.


Flexible casting

Pat Cook

Pat Cook

Pat Cook got his first taste of seeing his work in print when he was still in high school in Frankston, Texas, writing for the school paper. Then, during the summers, he wrote a column for his hometown newspaper. It wasn't until college, however, when he saw the movie version of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple, that he decided to try his hand at writing plays. His first one-act, The Boys In The Halls, ... view full profile

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