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Augusta - Full Length Play, Comedy


Richard Dresser

Full Length Play, Comedy

1m, 2f

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Full Length Play


Molly, middle-aged, has parlayed many years of experience at a national cleaning company to become team leader, which provides her with just enough money to keep her head above water. Claire, young, pretty and hopeful, is the newest—and only—member of Molly's team. Despite their differences, they become friends as they clean houses for summer people on the coast of Maine. But their world is rocked by the appearance of Jimmy, a new, by-the-books boss who is trapped in middle management and a desolate marriage. The company has moved him all over the country, and now he's been assigned a job keeping things on track in this small coastal town. Claire, who recently graduated from high school, is sobered by the prospect of ending up like Molly. She dreams of moving up to management. There must be a better life out there for her if she could only find it. The desperately lonely Jimmy encourages Claire in her ambitions and pledges to help her any way he can. He is her mentor, but he'd like to be so much more. As the relationship between Claire and Jimmy deepens, Molly's position as team leader is threatened. And without that, she doesn't know how she can keep going. The delicate balance that has kept these three people together is suddenly shattered, resulting in a twisting, turning and surprising struggle for survival. After betrayals, power grabs and thorny moral dilemmas, Molly and Claire discover that their only hope for a better life lies in their friendship. Unit set. Approximate running time: 90 minutes.
"A thought-provoking premise, a social conscience, and a lot of funny lines" —Boston Globe


1m, 2f

Richard Dresser

Richard Dresser

Richard Dresser's plays include Below the Belt and Gun-Shy, both of which moved from Actors Theatre of Louisville Off-Broadway and on to regional productions. Other Actors Theatre of Louisville plays include What Are You Afraid Of?, set in the front seat of a car, Alone at the Beach and Wonderful World. Rounding Third appeared Off-Broadway and has had many regional productions. His trilogy of ... view full profile

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