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View Of The Harbor, A - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

View Of The Harbor, A

Richard Dresser

Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

2m, 2f

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Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy

Nick is a child of privilege who grew up with every possible advantage. But along the way he came to believe that he could never measure up to the demands of his father, Daniel, a powerful and mercurial man who has run the family businesses with ruthless cunning. So Nick disappears, reinventing himself as a blue-collar worker in a factory owned by his family. For the first time, he takes control of his life. He works hard, makes friends, and falls in love with Paige, a beautiful young woman. He discovers that he's a lot happier getting by on a living wage than wallowing in the limitless wealth of his family. He's free. When Nick hears from his sister, Kathryn, that his father has had a stroke, he realizes that he must face the towering figure in his life, the man who caused him to run away. So Nick and Paige travel to the coast of Maine, where Daniel and Kathryn live in the rambling, mysterious, run-down mansion where Nick grew up. Nick finds himself yanked back into the increasingly twisted orbit of his family. Paige is shocked to see the confident man she fell in love with reverting before her eyes to a small frightened child. Paige becomes the catalyst for long-buried family secrets finally seeing the light of day. In the end, the family is reconfigured in surprising ways as Nick reconnects with his sister and finally finds the strength to face the demons in his life. Unit set. Approximate running time: 90 minutes.


2m, 2f

Richard Dresser

Richard Dresser

Richard Dresser's plays include Below the Belt and Gun-Shy, both of which moved from Actors Theatre of Louisville Off-Broadway and on to regional productions. Other Actors Theatre of Louisville plays include What Are You Afraid Of?, set in the front seat of a car, Alone at the Beach and Wonderful World. Rounding Third appeared Off-Broadway and has had many regional productions. His trilogy of ... view full profile

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