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Trial Of Goldilocks, The  (Musical) - Full Length Musical

Trial Of Goldilocks, The (Musical)

Joseph Robinette, Robert Chauls

Full Length Musical

4m, 4f

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Full Length Musical

This exciting retelling of the familiar fairy tale is full of mirth and melody as Goldilocks is brought to court to face the charges of breaking and entering the Bears' cottage. After the hard-of-hearing judge calls the court to order, the clerk presents the traditional story. Then the lawyers take over to present their sides of the case. In rollicking enactment's,with the jury playing tables, chairs, beds and forest animals,the stories unfold. Guilty or innocent? Was the young girl a selfish, spoiled brat, intruding where she didn't belong? Or was she the victim of three conniving bears (and their animal "band of hoods" in the woods)? The surprising verdict from the jury,along with the judge's unique sentencing,bring this charming musical to a highly satisfying "happily-ever-after" conclusion. Following its premiere performance at the Opera for Youth National Convention, a critic wrote: "This brilliant new work for children (of all ages)...is highly educational, embraces many different styles of music and calls upon many tried-and-true comic devices. In short, it is all a children's musical should be." The work may be performed by adults or children (providing the principal children have effective singing voices). One simple set.


4m, 4f

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