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Pecos Bill - Full Length Musical, Comedy

Pecos Bill

B. Wolf, Linda Daugherty

Full Length Musical, Comedy

16m, 16f

ISBN: 9781583425664

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Full Length Musical


Armadillos, roadrunners, prairie dogs and coyotes join in song and dance with the world's first cowboys (and cowgirl!) in this toe-tapping, tall-tale musical chronicling the amazing exploits of Pecos Bill, his mentor Chuck Wagon Annie, and the love of his life, Slew Foot Sue. Along the way, Bill studies the mysteries of life with Old Wise Coyote; turns rattlesnakes into lariats and cougars and murderous cyclones into a means of transport; and braves hardship, disaster and inclement weather while leaving plenty of time to ponder his destiny, love and the relative merits of life in the wilderness as opposed to life in Blossom Gulch, with a "population of 24 and declining daily." You'll marvel at the sight of Slew Foot Sue riding a giant catfish in the Rio Grande and bouncing to the moon on her honeymoon bustle, chuckle at the countrified wisdom (or is it con-artistry) of Chuck Wagon Annie, and experience the poignancy at the end of the play when Bill and Sue admire the view from their new home in the sky. Audiences will leave the theater humming such songs as "Headed West!," "Take Us to the Pecos," "Cattle Drive!," and "I Reckon I'll Know Her When I See Her But I Sure Ain't Seen Her Yet." Premiered at the Dallas Children's Theater. Area staging. Optional accompaniment CD available. Approximate running time: 75 minutes. 
Premiered at the Dallas Children's Theater "Hilariously funny … there's a neatly camouflaged focus on big ideas in this new musical for children … clever tunes." —The Dallas Morning News "If you've had a hankering to see dancing cacti trip the light f


16m, 16f


Flexible casting

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