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Red Riding Hood: A Vaudeville Romp! - Full Length Musical, Comedy

Red Riding Hood: A Vaudeville Romp!

Geraldine Ann Snyder

Full Length Musical, Comedy

ISBN: 9781583421420

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Full Length Musical


This clever version of the classic tale is set in the city in the 1920s. Red is entrusted for the very first time to deliver a basket of goodies to her ailing grandmother, however, Granny's house is all the way on the other side of the park and Red's mother is concerned for her safety. Officer O'Malley assures Widow Hood that he will keep an eye on Red during her journey. On the way, Red meets those two lovable, laughable scoundrels, Mr. Wolfie and his sidekick, Mr. Moley, worn-out vaudevllians who are down on their luck. Once they notice Red's basket of food, they hatch a hairbrained scheme to abscond with the delicious goodies. Woflie and Moley arrive at Granny's and immediately evict her by way of the classic vaudeville Doctor Sketch, since it "emptied the house" every time it was performed! Red is convinced for a time that Wolfie is Granny. But during the hilarious climax, as Wolfie and Moley go after the food, Officer O'Malley arrives to save the day. Seven fun songs include Wolfie and Moley's soft-shoe number "Together," "Officer O'Malley," featuring Keystone Cops-style cops and robbers, "Don't Talk to Strangers" and the lowdown blues-style "Miseries." Area staging. Approximate running time 55 minutes. 


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