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Hobbit, The  (Perry Musical) - Full Length Musical

Hobbit, The (Perry Musical)

David Rogers, Allan J. Friedman, J.R.R. Tolkien, Ruth Perry

Full Length Musical

ISBN: 9780871293930

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: Acting Edition

Full Length Musical

 This enchanting musical begins with a song by the greatest of all wizards: "I, Gandalf, / Best wizard that you'll see, / Bid the darling spirits / Send the band of dwarves to me." And as he sings, we hear the spirited marching song of the dwarves who pour down the aisles and onto the stage, singing bravely as they come: "Thirteen mighty dwarves / Straight and strong and true / Marching, marching on / With just one goal in view— / To slay the dragon, / The awful dragon, Smaug! / He took our home and burned and looted / Now he must be executed. / Thirteen mighty dwarves / Brawny brave and bold / Vowing we'll regain / Our ancestors' gold. / And slay the dragon / The awful dragon, Smaug." The reluctant Hobbit hero Bilbo Baggins is asked to join the band, for they can hardly hope to succeed as an unlucky thirteen. Bilbo finally agrees to the adventure! They encounter the dangerous trolls, then escape into Goblin country where Bilbo finds a gold ring with magical power. It's a ring of invisibility. Bilbo is cautious and thoughtful but saves them in every crisis, even in the climactic scene with the dragon Smaug. Flexible staging.


Flexible casting

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