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Frankenstein  (Radio Manuscript) - Full Length Play, Drama

Frankenstein (Radio Manuscript)

Mary Shelley, Philip Grecian

Full Length Play, Drama

6m, 4f

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Licensing Rights for this title are not available through Samuel French.


Full Length Play


Captain Robert Walton and his crew are aboard a ship heading for the North Pole when it becomes frozen in the ice. Waiting for the ice to break up, they see a giant of a man on a dogsled heading north. Later that day another man, near death, is brought close to the ship on an ice floe. Aboard the ship, he regains consciousness and begins to tell Walton his story. Upon graduating from the university, and with the help of his friend Henry Clerval, Victor Frankenstein set out to create life-using corpses stolen from graveyards. During a raging storm, he is successful but, too late, realizes he has created a misshapen, inarticulate horror. One fateful night, the house burns to the ground. Victor, believing The Creature dead, sets a date to wed Elizabeth, his fiancée. The Creature, however, has escaped and befriended DeLacy, a blind hermit, who, over the months, teaches it to speak and read. One evening two hunters stop by the cabin. Shocked and repelled by The Creature's appearance, and believing it to be a threat to DeLacy, they drive it away into the forest. Justine Moritz, governess to Victor's young sister Catherine, has taken the girl on a picnic. At the edge of the forest Catherine encounters The Creature, who demands that she deliver a message to Frankenstein. "Tell him! Tell him I did not die in the fire! Tell him-it begins now!" It disappears into the thick forest just as Justine discovers Catherine's body. No one believes Justine's stories of a monster, though Victor now knows that his creation escaped the fire. Justine is tried, convicted and hanged for the murder of Catherine Frankenstein. Two weeks later the creature seeks him out and promises to disappear forever if Victor will make it a mate. Victor builds a second creature but, before he can give it life, realizes what he is about to do and destroys it. The Creature murders Elizabeth in retaliation, prompting Victor and Clerval to pursue it to the North Pole, where The Creature murders Clerval during a snowstorm, leaving Victor alone and in despair. The story ends with Victor's death and The Creature's mournful self-exile on an ice floe as the ice field breaks up and Walton's ship continues on. Approximate running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes.


6m, 4f

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